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“If Americans were on the boat with me today and saw what I saw, they would be beating down the doors of their representatives, calling for action. We watched a pelican struggling to fly under the weight of globs of oil. We saw a pod of dolphins straining to swim through the oil slick.

“The most infuriating thing was that there was no one else out where we were. There were no BP crews rescuing birds. There was no BP ship laying booms or soaking up oil. BP has created a disaster so huge that response efforts can never match the needs here, ....” — Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club

Grief: "The cry of the oil-soaked pelican"

The Brown Pelican: A symbol of survival

A video: BP Oil Spill is Killing Seabirds in the Gulf


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"A wonderful bird is the pelican...."

PELICANLIFE.ORG — a resource for California Brown Pelican information, for information about wildlife — primarily seabird — laws and preservation, and for news from around the world about pelicans and other threatened bird species. PelicanLife is also a resource for occasional news of other endangered and threatened birds: Condors, Bald Eagles, Plovers (Piping and Western Snowy), Whooping Cranes, ..., the list of threatened species goes on and on. There's also a list of seabird rehabilitation centers.

Here are facts about the California Brown Pelican, protected under federal and state laws, a species recovering, thanks to the Endangered Species Act, but still very much at risk. All pelicans need our help — as well as our admiration — and that's the reason for this Web site. Pelicanlife is not affiliated with the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, but respects the work done by volunteers everywhere to return to the wild injured seabirds.

This site is an on-going labor of love, dedicated to all seabird rehabilitation volunteers.

Please enjoy pelicanlife.org ... and do try to help the California pelicans.

Thank you!

In Santa Barbara, to report an injured pelican - or other injured seabird, call the SBWCN: 681-1080

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