10 Best Wool Blankets

What’s better than having a good night’s sleep under a soft and comfy wool blanket? When nights turn colder, a comfortable sleeping time demands the warmest and the coziest blanket. No one can deny the importance of perfect and healthy sleeping when it comes to the well-being of a person.

Wool blankets are the best thing that you will get for the winter nights. Getting these differently designed blankets will make your bed a comfortable, aesthetically great, soft, and warm place to lay down. Here, we have a long list of all the best-made wool blankets available on the market. So, have a look at these and decide about your favorite one.

Best Wool Blankets Reviewed

Here are our recommendations for the best wool blankets reviewed to pick the perfect brand for a guaranteed warmth & high durability:

1.Pendleton National Park

When it comes to woolen blankets, Pendleton is one of the biggest stars of the American industry’s history. The company has been owned and operated for six decades by a family. At the two brilliant factories in Pacific Northwest, Pendleton does its weaving of most the pure wool textiles. Pendleton’s team works to improve beauty as well as the effectiveness of the products. Their iconic dynamic blanket patterns and the softness of our premium 100 percent pure wool garments represent their high-quality services.

When it comes to this woolen blanket’s downside, the Pendleton National Park blanket has a couple of flaws to it. You will not be able to wash this blanket if cleaning is required, as it only supports the dry cleaning method. Hence, you will have to face a bit of an inconvenience. Other than this, if you are living in an area where it is too cold, the Pendleton National Park blanket made from wool might not serve as the warmest choice for you to have but still the greatest blanket to own.

Whereas, the upside of this blanket by the famous company Pendleton is full of impeccable benefits that will make you want it for sure. First of all, the design of this blanket is decent and shows high aesthetic value as well. With the striped design, you will never feel as if this blanket is giving you old-fashioned feel. Moreover, as this product is available in several different colorways, it will be quite easy for you to choose the one that goes perfectly well with the theme of your bed cover or room. Plus, its availability in multiple sizes makes it even preferable, as this factor suits multiple users.

Moreover, the best thing that you will be pleased to know about this item is that there is no mixing in the fabric. The Pendleton National Park woolen blanket consists of a hundred percent wool that it weaved together tightly. Due to the pure and refined material, you will get unmatchable softness with this product. So, if comfort means the most to you, do not worry, as you will not have to make any compromise on this point. As far as the durability and quality are concerned, both these aspects leave an unquestionable impression on the public.

The Pendleton National Park blanket is one of the most loved products of this category. From quality to the aesthetic value and weaving, every factor is on point to give you the best experience. If you are concerned about the limitation of choices, do not worry as there are many colors available for you to choose from. You can also select between the different sizes available. The decent pattern of this blanket makes it appealing to one’s eyes. You will have to take it for dry cleaning on the downside, but its lasting nature will not fail to impress you as well.

Comes in different colorways
Various sizes available
100% Wool
Striped pattern
Soft and Comfortable
Premium quality
Stylish designs
Weaved tightly


Dry clean only


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2.Hudson Bay 8 Point

The Hudson Bay Company has been a leading solution provider for your winter needs for many years and has a deep understanding of the market. They have a robust network with a fully committed, skilled, and devoted workforce to offer their best so that they can supply their consumers with creative and quality-orientated goods.

At the downside of the 8 point wool blanket by Hudson Bay, you will have to deal with some majorly flawed points. The very first thing that you will notice about this blanket is the hefty price tag. As there are many other alternatives available at relatively low costs, one cannot expect the buyers to invest such a heavy amount for buying a single blanket. Moreover, the poor odor that this blanket gives will make you feel irritated. Other than this, you will not be able to wash it as well. The product does not support machine wash. So, you will have to go for dry cleaning every time.

Whereas, if we take a look at the brighter end of this item, it won’t be wrong to state that it is full of appealing pros as well. You will be able to get this blanket in different designs and colors as per your choice. In this way, you will not have to worry about the blending of your product with the interior of the house. When it comes to the material of this blanket, you will love to know that it is made up of a hundred percent wool. Due to this fabric, you will be able to get the highest level of warmth under it no matter how cold the weather is.

The decent design of this product makes it attract the buyer at an instance. The feel of this blanket is quite soft, and therefore, it is bound to deliver you the utmost comfort as well. Quality is one of the main factors to consider during the purchase. When it comes to Hudson Bay Point 8, you will not get disappointment regarding this factor. As this blanket is made in such a way that it is breathable, you will not sweat under it when the nights are slightly warmer. The water-resistant nature of this product will make it even more suitable for you.

The Hudson Bay Company has never disappointed its customers, and they are continuing to impress the public with the Point 8 woolen blanket as well. The on-going list of advantages that this item holds is what makes it amazing for the buyers. The price of this blanket is quite high, but the upside justifies that factor too. You might not like the fact that it smells bad, but this odor will fade away with time. However, the soft and comfortable nature that it possesses will serve as a vital point in the future.

Different designs and colors are available
100% Wool
Decent design


Poor odor
Does not support machine wash


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3.Biddy Murphy

Biddy Murphy has been producing woolen products for its customers to know the real worth of such products. The brand has set a high goal to become the best choice amongst the competitive industry. The team at this brand is determined to fulfill this mission through devotion and passion. The brand offers many pros and a slight downside with its woolen blanket, so let’s have a look.

As far as the drawbacks of the Biddy Murphy wool blanket are concerned, there is not much that you will be able to find at the downside. However, it does hold a single but major drawback. Woolen blankets are supposed to be soft in order to grant you comfort. But, the Biddy Murphy fails to deliver this benefit. It will feel scratchy to your skin. This factor will contribute to adding to your uncomfortable experience. Many customers have reported this issue regarding this blanket.

However, at the upside, we do have a lot to talk about as well. All the advantages that this item offers result in compensating the downside that it holds. You will be able to get this blanket in multiple color choices. This point makes the users able to feel free in choosing the one that does not look odd in their room. As it features 100% Irish lamb wool, you will be able to get the top-most quality with the purchase of this blanket. The treatment of wool by the brand makes it highly special. Moreover, the warmth that this item offers to the user is unmatchable as well.

Apart from this, the fact that it is light in weight makes it even more of a perfect choice. You will not have to deal with the bulky feeling with it. As the makers have tightly weaved it, it becomes denser enough to protect you from the cold weather. The perfect sizing of this blanket makes it perfect for your use on both queen and king-sized beds. As this product is breathable in nature, you will not sweat even if the nights are too cold.

All in all, this blanket by Biddy Murphy is a popular choice when it comes to warmth, quality, and longevity. With top-quality fabric and high breathability, you will get all the advantages in this single item. But, it is also important to remember that this blanket may feel scratchy to your skin as well. However, the price point is not too high, and the fact that it is light in weight will also make it amazing for you. The tightly weaved construction of this blanket makes it stand against cold nights firmly.

Multiple colored choices are available
100% Irish lamb wool
Tightly weaved
Light in weight
Perfect size




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4.Poyet Motte Aubisque

Poyet Motte is yet another well-known name in the industry. The brand has a firm mission to provide its customers with the best winter solutions. They are continuing to achieve this goal through their vast line-up of warm products. Every product by this brand portrays its mission. Here is all that you want to know about the Poyet Motte Aubisque.

On the downside of the Poyet Motte Aubisque wool blanket, there are a couple of drawbacks that one has to face. One thing that will irritate you about this item is that it feels itchy on one’s skin. Due to this factor, you will have to make a compromise on the comfort that you want to have with your blanket. Other than this, another major issue that you will have to deal with the purchase of this product is that it sheds fabric. The binding is not successful in preventing this problem, as well.

While on the opposite end, the Poyet Motte Aubisque woolen blanket also has a broad brighter side to it as well. The breathable nature of this blanket makes it a perfect choice for weather that is too cold as well the one that is mildly cold. Having this on you will prevent you from sweating. The patented weaving process that it goes through results in making it dense enough to withstand the low temperature. The makers have used 100 percent virgin wool in the making of this blanket, and this factor acts as the main reason behind it being warm and cozy for you.

Moreover, the best part about this item is that unlike many other options available, you will be able to machine wash this product for cleaning purposes. So, you will not have to take it for dry cleaning every now and then. Furthermore, the double-stitched satin binding at the boarders of this blanket presents a clean and tidy look. As this product comes in different sizes, multiple buyers can choose as per their needs. The different colors that are available in this ensemble make it even better, as you can choose the one that blends in well with the color scheme of your room.

In a nutshell, the Poyet Motte Aubisque blanket of wool can work as a great choice if warmth is all you need. The disappointing thing about it is that it sheds fabric everywhere. Moreover, you might also feel itchy on your skin. However, the breathability, in combination with the top-notch quality, is what makes this product best for you to use. It will not disappoint you regarding its lasting nature as well. The fact that you can wash it with the machine makes the use much easier for you.

You can get this in different colors
Different sizes are available
100 percent virgin wool
Double-stitched satin binding
Machine washable


Shedding problem


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5.Desert Breeze

The main goal at Desert Breeze Distributing is to offer the greatest available customer support and a trust-able and safe shopping experience to anyone who chooses to purchase the finest quality natural goods at the best price. The firm ranks among some of the most respected and prestigious labels in the world. They have over 30 years of experience with manufacturing products, construction techniques, in addition to embracing new design and quality workmanship.

No doubt that the Desert Breeze has gained much love and appreciation from the buyers’ end, it also brings a major flaw with it on the downside. After purchasing this blanket, the first thing that you will notice after opening it that it gives out a poor smell. As it is made from virgin wool, there is this typical smell coming from it. This factor might make the blanket irritable for you. The smell will fade away with time, but it does not mean that this fading process is too quick. Other than this, the Desert Breeze does not bring any other disadvantage.

On the other hand, this product brings much to the table with the upside as well. You will be hooked to the level of comfort that this item offers. The 100% virgin wool used in the making of this product is the main highlight of it. With this material, you will get the ultimate warmth no matter how cold the nights are. The consistency of 50% Alpaca and 50% Merino wool is what makes this a treat for you to have. The multiple color choices available in this ensemble will allow you to freely choose the one you like so that your blanket does not present an odd look in your room.

Other than this, the polyester binding of this blanket makes it great and prevents the shedding of fabric. In this way, the longevity of the product increases too. The binding of this wool blanket makes with double stitching so that it can stand against the wear and tear over the course of time. The soft and comfortable feel that you will get with this product is remarkable and has no other match. As you can wash this blanket easily for cleaning purposes, you won’t have to dry clean it every time. On top of this, the breathable nature of this blanket makes it even perfect for you.

The Desert Breeze Distributing has been successful in producing a premium quality blanket that will give you warmth and coziness during the winter season. The soft texture of this blanket is what makes it a favorite of many people. The foul smell that it gives out may irritate you, but you can eradicate it as you can wash the blanket to clean. Hence, investing in this item will prove as a great decision as this product will go a long way to serve you the ultimate warmth.

Multiple sizes are available
100% virgin wool
50% Alpaca and 50% Merino Wool
Polyester binding
Soft and comfortable


Gives poor smell


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