The Best iPhone 11 Cases And Covers

Keeping your iPhone 11 safe can be a full-time job if you don’t have it protected with a sturdy case. Cases and covers come in a number of styles and materials, and what might be right for you may not be right for everyone. Should you keep your protection slim with a clear TPU case or go hard with a bulky, rugged case? What about a sleek leather cover or glamorous glitter case? There are a huge amount of cases to pick from, and you can be easily forgiven for getting lost.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve dug through the biggest names in smartphone protection to bring you this list of some of the best iPhone 11 cases around.

Apple Clear Case

Apple Clear Case

When you need a protective case for your iPhone 11, it’s best to go to the source. The Apple Clear Case, constructed with clear polycarbonate and TPU materials, feels solid and comfortable in the hand. It features a scratch-resistant coating on both the interior and exterior of the case. The back is sturdy, while the softer sides offer a better grip. Charge it up with any Qi-certified wireless charger.


Nomad Active Rugged Case

Nomad Active Rugged Case copy

The Nomad Active Rugged Case is a sleek, minimalist leather item. It boasts a unique tanning process that promises natural water-resistance as well as a minimalist, classic, durable design for outdoor activities. The case not only repels water that could damage your phone but also shields it from scratches and scuffs. It offers drop protection up to six feet via a rubber frame and TPE bumper and is compatible with most Qi wireless chargers.


Woolnut Leather Case

Woolnut Leather Case

Fans of leather cases owe it to themselves to check out Woolnut’s wares. Crafted from high-quality, full-grain leather, this Scandinavian brand exudes luxury. The leather shell, shaped to perfectly fit the iPhone 11, has a stylish logo, incredibly soft microfiber lining, and subtle button covers. It’s a slim case, but manages to cover your iPhone from every angle, though we wouldn’t rely on it for rugged drop protection. The leather comes in black, cognac brown, or green and it will develop a unique patina as it ages.


Speck CandyShell Grip Case

Speck CandyShell Grip Case

This is an ideal case if you get anxiety about dropping your iPhone 11. The ridged pattern enhances grip in a major way, but just in case it does slip from your grasp, the hard shell with shock-absorbent rubber inside will keep it safe from harm. It has all the cutouts you need, and pronounced button covers that are always easy to find and that feel responsive. There’s no need to worry about germs either because this case has an antimicrobial coating. It comes in a lot of different color combinations, too.


Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox Commuter Case

Employing the tried and tested combination of a hard outer shell and a shock-absorbing inner layer, the Otterbox Commuter Series offers good protection from drops and bumps. There are textured sections on the sides to enhance grip, port covers to keep dust and debris out, and button covers that are easy to press. The screen is easily accessible here, but there is a raised lip around it to prevent it from touching anything when placed face down. As well as the pink and red combo pictured, this comes in black, or two-tone green or blue.


Tech21 Studio Color Case

Tech21 Studio Color Case

People who love a burst of color will gravitate towards this new case line from Tech21. There are gray and black options, but you also have yellow, blue, pink, coral, and red to choose from. These are relatively slim cases, but Tech21 hasn’t compromised on protection because they’re tested for falls of up to 8 feet. There’s an antimicrobial coating to keep your case clean and it’s capable of self-healing small scratches and scuffs. Tech21 is also trying to use more sustainable materials and claims these cases are made from 37% plant-based materials.


Moshi Altra Case with Strap

Moshi Altra Case

You can rely on Moshi to turn out stylish, but practical iPhone cases and the Altra, which comes with a wrist strap attached, is a great example. This case comes in black or beige and each has its own unique pattern on the back which adds visual flair but also enhances grip. The shiny, beveled bumper goes around the frame of your iPhone 11, extends beyond the screen, and safeguards it from potential drop damage. There are soft-touch buttons and accurate openings for the camera and port. The strap can also be removed and you can attach the case to a bag.


Incipio DualPro Platinum Case

The DualPro case was one of the original dual layer protective case designs with a shock-absorbing core and a scratch-resistant, hard outer shell. It offers top-notch drop protection from falls of up to 10 feet, but this year Incipio has come up with a stunning new color. This DualPro case offers the same protection in a relatively slim form, but it’s clear with a holographic finish that catches the light and shimmers and changes as you move it. As usual, you can expect a perfect fit and comfort in the hand, and it all comes at a reasonable price.


Totallee Thin Leather Case

If you prefer slim, minimal cases that don’t add bulk and don’t have big logos or brash designs, then Totallee should be right up your street. The leather case is svelte, subtle, and finished in genuine black leather. It covers all the corners and there’s a slight lip to safeguard that camera suite on the back and the screen on the front. You’ll also find metallic button covers, and accurate cutouts for the ports, speakers, and microphones, as well as the camera. Protection is basic, but it enhances grip and looks classy.


Mous Contour Case

We’re excited to see that Mous has a new range of cases for the Apple iPhone 11, but the black and white speckled Contour is the one that caught our eye. This durable case should protect your iPhone from bumps and drops and it boasts a new internal microfiber finish to safeguard the glass back. It is also rounded for a nice feel in hand with a textured back that enhances grip. It has all the openings you need for easy access to the camera and ports; tactile button covers complete the package. The Contour case also comes in five different leather finishes if you don’t fancy the speckled paint job.


Case-Mate Tough Camo Case

This semi-transparent case reveals a little of the iPhone inside but features an eye-catching satin-matte camouflage finish in greens and blues. The bumper section is reinforced in the corners to provide 10-foot drop protection and features chunky button covers and accurate openings for the ports and speakers. It’s flexible, so it can absorb some shock, and it also enhances your grip. The back is designed to resist scratches and it is fully compatible with wireless charging.


Griffin Survivor Extreme Case

If you’re looking for some serious drop protection, then Griffin’s Survivor Extreme is ready to deliver. This case can guard against damage from drops of up to 15 feet, it has port covers to keep debris out, and the two-piece design meets military drop-test standards. It does inevitably add some considerable bulk, but wireless charging still works with the case on and it’s going to give you peace of mind.


Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case

Combining style and durability, these leather wallet cases from Snakehive are a great option to keep your iPhone fully covered in your pocket or bag. London-based Snakehive employs full grain, cowhide, nubuck leather from Europe in its Vintage Wallet cases and they have a lovely matte finish that ages beautifully. Inside the cover, you’ll find room for three cards, and there’s a larger pocket for notes. Your iPhone sits snugly in a plastic shell with all the cutouts you need and it can be propped in landscape easily. There’s also a magnetic closure to keep it securely shut.


Ted Baker Glitsie Folio Case

If you’re seeking a sparkly look for your iPhone 11, then the Glitsie Folio case from Ted Baker could be perfect for you. The shell is electroplated rose gold with accurate cutouts for easy access to buttons, ports, and the camera. The cover that wraps around features a high-gloss glitter effect in pink and if you open the cover you’ll discover a mirror on the inside. If you like the layout of this case, but the finish is too much, there are also patterned flower finishes and a plain leather version.


Skech Vortex Case

Skech Vortex Case

The Vortex stands out because of the special adjustable ring on the back; it can fold out to help you keep a tight grip on your iPhone 11 or it can serve as a kickstand to prop your phone up. This case also features a metal mounting plate, so it will work with magnetic mounts, and Skech says it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. The case itself is a dual-layer construction with a protective lip for the screen and a scratch-resistant soft-touch coating. It is drop tested up to 10 feet.


Olixar Ultra-Thin Case

This transparent gel case is just about as simple as they come. It’s extremely thin, it’s flexible, and it adds grip. There’s a protective bezel for the screen and camera suite and the finish is scratch-resistant, but don’t expect much in the way of drop damage. The openings you need are all present and correct and it’s thin so there’s no interference with wireless charging. This is a cheap, basic case that adds a protective layer without masking your iPhone’s style.


Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol 1 Case

If you want to leave your wallet or purse at home and travel light, then this case could be for you. It has a pocket in the back that can fit three cards and some cash in it. There’s an opening that makes it easy to push them out when you need them. The case itself is pretty slim and lightweight, but it should provide protection against bumps and minor drops; the sides are also textured to reduce your chance of dropping it in the first place.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 11

If you want to avoid obscuring Apple’s design, but you still want protection against falls and bumps, then this Spigen case could be ideal for you. It has a clear polycarbonate back and a flexible TPU bumper that comes in clear, matte black, or with a red or green tint. The case features raised bezels that keep the screen or the camera lenses from touching down on any surfaces. There are also well-defined button covers with plenty of give. The fit is perfect with generous cutouts and it’s a slim case.


Rhinoshield SolidSuit Case

RhinoShield Case for iPhone 11

This is one of our favorite cases for drop protection because it will keep your iPhone 11 safe from falls of up to 11 feet onto any surface. A clever honeycomb structure inside combined with Rhonoshield’s proprietary polymer does a solid job of dissipating impact shock and the curved frame of this case extends to protect the camera lenses and the screen. The button covers can be swapped if you want an alternative pop of color and they feel responsive. The openings are big enough not to interfere with normal use or prevent you from plugging in. This case comes in various colors or with special carbon fiber or brushed steel finishes on the back.

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