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Best iPhone 11 Cases: Protect Your New Apple iPhone

The best iPhone 11 cases aren’t necessarily the ones that Apple sells. Cases come in all manner of shapes, sizes and price and some even have features that the phone it protects doesn’t have.

The cases here are for the iPhone 11, not the 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, so make sure you’re here for the right device. The iPhone 11 has two rear cameras and comes in a variety of pastel colors. If you don’t want to hide the design then there’s a clear case on this list for you, but there’s also a dizzying range of other protective options.

Whether it’s a folio with cover, credit card slots or a pop socket you’re after, there’s something for everyone. The iPhone case choice is quite overwhelming so we’ve whittled it down to a list of our ten absolute favorites. You can read more about these products in

These are the best iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max cases

We haven’t had all of the iPhone 11 cases in our test labs yet, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, or unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

The best iPhone 11 cases

iPhone 11 case Otter + Pop Symmetry Series

1. iPhone 11 Otter + Pop Symmetry Series case

Fun and useful

Serious protection
Built-in PopSocket
Somewhat bulky

OtterBox makes a load of quality phone cases, and it has teamed up with PopSockets to offer an iPhone 11 case that combines the standard protection of its dual-layer cases with the convenience of a PopGrip. The case pairs rubber and hard polycarbonate for a strong defense, and the PopGrip makes the phone that much easier to hold or set on its side for video streaming. See it at Otterbox.

iPhone 11 case Spigen Ultra Hybrid

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11

Clear protection

Clear design
Uncomplicated protection

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case is an excellent option when you want a little protection at a low price, and still want to be able to show off your iPhone. The Ultra Hybrid case wraps your iPhone 11 in a clear TPU bumper to protect it better from falls. Meanwhile, the back is made of a hard polycarbonate that will display the color of your phone clearly. And, the case’s raised edges will protect both the screen and the glass camera bump. See it at Amazon.

iPhone 11 Clear Case

3. iPhone 11 Clear Case

Straight from Apple

Clear design
Pricey for its low complexity

If you want to stick with Apple, you can get a the iPhone 11 Clear Case from Apple right with your new iPhone. The case will be a sure fit for your phone, and it will let you show off the iPhone color you picked. The case combines polycarbonate and TPU, giving it structural rigidity while adding grip and shock-absorption to the edge. Apple has add scratch resistance inside and outside of the case, and has designed it with materials to resist discoloration. See it at Apple.

iPhone 11 case Rugged OtterBox Commuter Series

4. iPhone 11 Commuter Series case

Rugged OtterBox

Dual-layer protection
Added grip

OtterBox’s iPhone 11 Commuter case is part a long-running series of cases designed to give your phone capable protection for as long as you own it. The Commuter case uses two pieces: one soft rubber layer to wrap around your iPhone 11, and one polycarbonate shell to give the case more structure and durability. The case also covers the Lightning port with a small flap to keep dust and debris out when you’re not using the it. See it at OtterBox.

iPhone 11 case Speck Presidio Stay Clear 

5. Speck Presidio Stay Clear case for iPhone

For showing off

No price information

Long-lasting clarity
Upgraded drop protection
Lower protection

Speck has clear option in its Presidio Stay Clear case. This is just one of several cases the company has designed for the iPhoner 11, but this particular one will let you proudly display the color you’ve picked. Speck has designed the case with special coatings against UV and grease to keep it clear, as well as protection against bacteria. The case actually combines two layers for extra drop protection up to 13 feet. Plus, the raised edges will help keep your screen and camera safe. See it from Speck.

iPhone 11 case Strada Series

6. iPhone 11 Strada Series case

Luxurious folio

360-degree coverage
Premium design
Friction is bad for pockets

For a case that can add its own style to your iPhone 11, check out OtterBox’s Strada Series case. This case combines a polycarbonate shell with leather and a folio-style cover. Your phone will be effectively swathed in leather while protected on all sides. The a magnetic clasp will hold the folio cover shut as well, helping keep the front of your phone extra safe when dropped. There’s also a pair of card-holders on the inside of the folio cover. See it at OtterBox.

iPhone 11 case Razer Archtech Slim

7. Razer Arctech Slim case for iPhone 11

Keep cool, game on

Made for gaming
Cooling design
Plastic doesn’t feel too sturdy

Razer, the company behind some of the best gaming laptops, also designs iPhone cases. It has a new Arctech Slim case for the iPhone 11 that’s made for gaming fans. Beyond offering Razer’s signature colors and adding a bit of protection to the iPhone 11, the case also has a thermally conductive lining to take heat away from the phone. It combines that with vents to help keep the whole device cool. And, the case is still thin enough to work with Qi wireless charging. See it at Amazon.

iPhone 11 case Spigen Touch Armor

8. Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 11

Affordable protection

Serious protection
Affordable price
Gaping logo hole is a bit much

Spigen’s Tough Armor case is an affordable option for protecting your iPhone 11 without sacrificing durability. The Tough Armor case combines soft TPU and hard polycarbonate for comprehensive protection, and it has raised edges on the front and back to keep all the glass of your display and camera bump safe in the event of a fall. As an added bonus, the case has a built-in kickstand in the rear, making it extra convenient for watching videos or recording “slofies,” perhaps. See it at Amazon

iPhone 11 case Ted Baker Book

9. Ted Baker Book Case for iPhone 11

For style and fashion

Elegant design
360-degree protection

Concerned about style? Then the Ted Baker Book case may be for  you. It combines a gold electroplated hard shell with faux leather that wraps around the back and front of your iPhone in a folio design. This means your phone is protected on all sides, keeping it extra safe in your pockets or bag. While you’ll know your phone is looking good, a mirror built into the folio cover can help you make sure you’re looking good on nights out, too. See it at Proporta.

iPhone 11 case Tech21 Evo Wallet

10. Tech21 Evo Wallet for iPhone 11

Folio with a secret

360-degree protection
Secret card holders
Only comes in black

Tech21’s Evo Wallet case is a handy way to keep not just your iPhone 11 safe but also your money. That’s because its folio cover has two secret card holders hidden inside.  The folio cover also has a magnetic clasp, which is extra helpful for keeping your display safe if you drop your phone. And, if sustainability is a concern, it’s worth noting the Tech21 claims the case is made from plant-based materials. See it at Tech21.

The Best Sweatpants for Men on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of men’s clothing  before — including the best men’s parkas, the best men’s sweaters, and the best men’s crewneck sweatshirts — here, we’ve rounded up the best sweatpants for men, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated sweatpants for men

adidas Men's Tiro '17 Pants
adidas Men’s Tiro ‘17 Pants

“These are off-the-hook awesome,” raves one reviewer, who had “been looking for some slim-fitting, technical athletic pants a bit more stylish than your basic sweats.” The Tiro pants, he notes, are “light, airy, and have a sleek look.” Many others express how much they love the style of the pants. As one reviewer puts it: “The taper of the pants is unique, they are loose-fitting around the thigh, taper at the knee, and are slim from the knee down. They almost resemble jodhpurs.” Dozens of reviewers think the style makes them perfect for workouts. “Feel great, fit great, and the pocket zips are amazing for anyone who runs or works out. Keeps my phone from falling out while I run, which frees me up from carrying it in my hand,” comments one impressed buyer. But another mentions that they can be used for just about anything: “You definitely can’t go wrong with these if you are wanting them for lounging around, running errands, working out, or really anything else.” One mom even approves of her son wearing them to school: “My son is totally into cool sweatpants for school and pretty much every waking moment of his teenage life. These are comfortable, wash easily in the washer and dry easily in the dryer.”


Best-rated (less expensive) sweatpants for men

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant with Pockets
Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant with Pockets

From $9

Men appreciate the simplicity, durability, and comfortable fit of these sweats. One customer describes them as “a good, basic low-priced sweat pant,” adding they have a “good fit, soft interior, and a waistband that holds but is not constricting.” Other readers mention the comfortable elastic; one writes: “They’re lightweight and warm, soft on the inside, and not restricting on the leg cuffs. They fit well, and are comfy.” Some complain that they are a bit too lightweight, but on the whole reviewers seem to consider that a pro. One writes, “Yes, the fabric is much thinner than on your average sweats. But for me, that is excellent, as I run hot by nature.” And despite the low price point, a bevy of reviews speaking to their durability make it clear they hold up well. “I’ve washed them a few times already,” writes one. “They didn’t fall apart and did not shrink.”


And now for some micro-picks for every type of sweatpants for men you might be looking for.

Best elastic-bottom sweatpants for men

Fruit of the Loom Men's Elastic Bottom Sweatpant
Fruit of the Loom Men’s Elastic Bottom Sweatpant

From $17

“These sweatpants are all that and a bag of chips,” says one pleased shopper. “Super comfortable, and come with side pockets, and a drawstring.” Many more rave about the aforementioned features (and others, like the fact that they have extremely deep pockets), but the elastic bottom was the hallmark characteristic. “I’d looked all over town for sweats with elastic on the bottom (don’t care for cold air going up my legs). Finally resorted to the Internet. These are a good price and good quality,” writes one. Another reviewer loves them so much that they are the only sweatpants “they will ever buy from now on: They fit right (no plumber’s crack like Champions), they last, they’re well made, have deep enough pockets, and are affordable. The elastic at the bottom means that it’s not a problem if they’re a bit too long.”


Best pocketed sweatpants for men

ProGo Men's Casual Jogger Sweatpants Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant Elastic Waist
ProGo Men’s Casual Jogger Sweatpants Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant Elastic Waist

From $20

The pockets on these jogger-style sweatpants seemed to take them to a new level for customers. “I love the depth of the pockets and I really appreciate the [addition of] a back pocket,” notes this reviewer, who is historically “pretty picky about sweatpants.” Another customer bought these for her husband, who she notes is “difficult to fit.” “Wow,” she writes. “White, slim-fit jogging pants with elastic and drawstring at the waist, two side pockets, a back pocket, and are actually long enough for my husband who is tall and very slender? Do you know how hard that is to find? Totally impressed.” A third reviewer loves the pockets (“They’re even deeper than normal — my phone doesn’t fall out when I sit down”) but also just appreciates how comfortable they are. “These are honestly the comfiest sweatpants I’ve ever worn,” the reviewer writes. “They’re so soft I never want to take them off.”


Best comfortable sweatpants for men

Southpole Men's Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant
Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant

From $16

One-quarter of all five-star reviewers call these jogger-style sweatpants “comfortable,” including one reviewer who notes, “The sweats are very comfortable, and the only thing stopping me wearing them is having to wash them.” Another customer admits to never taking them off: “My wife actually hates these because I won’t take them off. They’re comfortable, super-cheap, and look much better than most sweatpants.” A third wears these as an alternative to regular pants: “I wear scrubs at work I can’t bear the thought of putting on regular pants unless I have to. Yes, it’s shameful. But doesn’t comfort count? I bought these on a whim, they are so cozy. And they look way better than pajama pants.”


Best loose-fitting sweatpants for men

Amazon Essentials Men's Fleece Sweatpants
Amazon Essentials Men’s Fleece Sweatpants


“I looked around quite a bit for just the right sweats. Problem? So many sweats are slim fit and have a tight elastic around the ankles,” laments one reviewer. The reviewer continues: “I need my sweats to be loose, comfy, super soft, and with an open bottom. For that, these guys are fantastic.” Many more reviewers celebrate these for their loose fit and open ankle, including one who describes them as having “a loose-comfortable fit, as well as deep pockets to carry around a cellphone, keys, or whatever.” “I like that there’s no elastic on the ankle,” writes a third, who also feels that “it makes them seem a bit classier than my other sweatpants.”


Best drawstring sweatpants for men

Champion Men's Powerblend Open Bottom Fleece Pant
Champion Men’s Powerblend Open Bottom Fleece Pant

From $19

The drawstring in the waistband of these pants appealed to buyers looking for an adjustable fit. One woman bought these for her husband, saying these are “just what my husband wanted. Having a drawstring is important to him because without it, the pants come down when he puts something heavy in his pocket. With the drawstring, he can ensure that the waist stays put.” Another is “confident these pants will last for quite a while” and notes, “Perfect fit, super-soft and warm, and still soft after three washes so far. Drawstring is holding up just fine.” A third reviewer admits they “run a little large and they are rather long, but they fit well at the waist and the drawstring is there if needed to adjust the fit.”


Best jogger-style sweatpants for men

Champion Men's Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant
Champion Men’s Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

From $18

“Perfect and I mean PERFECT-fitting jogger. Couldn’t ask for a better fit,” raves one reviewer, adding. “Plus champion is making a come back. This is how sweats should fit; gone are the days of massively baggy sweats.” Many others, who’d been looking for slimmer, jogger-style sweatpants that are still comfortable, were deeply satisfied with their purchase. “These are ridiculously comfortable,” writes one. “They don’t have that weird baggy butt that some joggers do, they actually fit great,” notes another. “Putting on normal pants is tough after wearing these for a while.”


Best workout sweatpants for men

adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro '19 Training Pants
adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro ‘19 Training Pants


Reviewers actually exercise in these sweatpants; they’re not just for lounging. “I do a variety of workout styles, from running to weights to CrossFit, and these felt great during each one,” comments one athletic customer. Another, who is “so tempted to buy three more pairs,” appreciates that these make him feel comfortable while exercising, explaining, “They hug the ankles, which I love when I’m running or doing core workouts — the pant legs don’t run up my leg. The pockets are zippered so you can keep your phone or keys in your pocket without them falling out when you’re doing vigorous activity.” One more thinks the tapered fit is “very flattering,” and the fit “encourages movement and flexibility. The mesh panels aren’t noticeable until you run, you’re moving and feel a pleasant draft.” Many find that these are truly multipurpose. As this reviewer puts it, “Wear them chilling, working out, and lounging in the house. Awesome.”


Best sleep sweatpants for men

Fruit of the Loom Men's Extended Sizes Jersey Knit Sleep Pant
Fruit of the Loom Men’s Extended Sizes Jersey Knit Sleep Pant

From $10

“Great sleep pants or for kicking around the house on a Sunday morning,” writes one reviewer, who describes these as having a “nice lightweight fabric.” Another content customer adds, “I have to say that they are the best lounging/sleeping pants I own now. I just ordered two more. I am retired, and wear my pajama pants and a T-shirt around the house all day when I know nobody is going to visit or see me. These pajama pants are perfect. Though they are not silk, they make me feel like Hugh Hefner.” Many others note their comfiness. “Comfy af! I wanna live in these things” exclaims one. A few admitted they usually dislike pockets on sleeping pants but conceded that the ones on these are particularly noninvasive. One wrote: “Some sleepwear with pockets can feel annoying when sleeping on your side, but not these. I keep forgetting these even have pockets.”


Best warm sweatpants for men

Amazon Essentials Men's Closed Bottom Fleece Pant
Amazon Essentials Men’s Closed Bottom Fleece Pant


Many reviewers commend Amazon for making lightweight, yet still very warm and cozy sweatpants. One customer purchased these to replace “a pair I loved for 30 years,” noting, “These are lightweight but warm, comfortable, and have just the right amount of elastic in waist. They make me happy and comfortable.” Many others dwell on how warm they are, including one “big sweats guy” who notes, “These are perfect. They are well priced and fit well. They are soft and warm. I bought several more pairs and love them all.” One other thinks “these are a really nice weight and as soft and comfortable as can be,” adding, “The drawstring and waist band are fully enclosed with nothing exposed to chafe or snag while getting them on or off. The closed cuff at the bottom is not too tight and the elastic has plenty of give to it but feels firm.” Another reviewer thinks these might be the best-ever sweatpants out there at this price, remarking, “I tend to live in sweatpants unless there is a reason to put on the other kind. I’ve been wearing these AmazonBasics for a few weeks and have washed them several times with no pilling. There is a drawstring closure, and of course, an elastic around the waistband, so the actual fit can accommodate a range of waists. Just ordered two more pairs of these.”


Best big and tall sweatpants for men

KingSize Men's Big & Tall Fleece Cargo Sweatpants
KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Fleece Cargo Sweatpants

From $30

Many commenters seem to appreciate the style and fit of these sweatpants, which are meant for big and tall bodies. One reviewer comments, “These are really high quality and fit great. You can tell they are made by people who know big and tall bodies. The best part is that the inseam is perfect. Most stores just increase the length and waste with each size increase. Not these guys. Just because you’re wider doesn’t mean you are super tall. These understand that.” Another reviewer purchased these for her boyfriend, who’s six-foot-four and “a really large guy,” noting, “He finds these to be a good fit and very comfortable.” Another self-described “big and tall guy” appreciates that “KingSize products actually fit true to size.”


Best multi-purpose sweatpants for men

Under Armour Men's Rival Cotton Pants
Under Armour Men’s Rival Cotton Pants

From $31

One reviewer calls these the “best sweatpants I’ve owned. They have an intermediate weight, and are good for lounging and being outdoors. Plus deep pockets good for holding phone, keys, wallet. If you’re wondering if you should purchase these as your go-to sweats, just do it.” Another uses them for the gym and appreciates their comfortable fit. “You can wear them over your workout clothes, and you can workout in them,” they write. A third generally uses them to lounge about and raves about their unusually soft, super-comfortable material, commenting, “These have a nice T-shirt material, instead of the moisture-wicking kind that hair tends to stick to. Looking to buy another pair.” One customer says they’re all-around excellent sweatpants and are particularly useful in chilly weather. “I like walking my dog in these,” the customer says. “They’re excellent in cold weather, fit great, are very comfortable, and the material is super soft.” The consensus could be summed up by this review, wherein another customer says: “Man, these are just really nice to wear around the house or at the gym.”


The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatmentsrolling luggagepillows for side sleepersnatural anxiety remedies, and bath towels. We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

Every editorial product is independently selected. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission.

The 10 Best Men’s Sweatpants to Wear During Quarantine

As time lurches on in our new reality where we’ve been mostly confined to our homes, there’s been less incentive to put on slacks, jeans, or any “hard” pants. Understandably, we’ve gone soft when it comes to our wardrobes, lounging about in hoodies, boxers, and, of course, sweatpants. Now, more than ever, we’re all clinging to comfort in any way, shape, or form.

However, up until recently, sweatpants were considered a faux pas by the fashion cognoscenti. The late Karl Lagerfeld famously called them a “sign of defeat,” and our high priestess of style Anna Wintour once swore that she’d never wear a pair.

But the rise of athleisure and pioneering streetwear designers have streamlined sweatpants’ baggy silhouettes — without sacrificing comfort — into bottoms that are stylish enough for the office, happy hour, and vacations. And in our new work-from-home normal, even the most fashion forward employees, including Wintour herself, sport them during conference calls.

Besides, with all due respect to Lagerfeld, we’d say that sweatpants are a symbol of perseverance, not defeat. They’re what we wear on day-long flights, seemingly unbearable workouts, and bouts of grief. That’s why, during these uncertain times, we rounded up some of the best pairs of sweats to don right now to make quarantine life a little more bearable.

Best for Working From Home: Olivers Transit Sweatpants

Olivers Sweatpants

These merino fleece pants fit like a glove, and more importantly, the slim cut and black wash make them office-appropriate for your Zoom calls.


Best for Workouts : Lululemon City Sweat Joggers

Lululemon Sweatpants

The unofficial queen of yoga pants, Lululemon also makes equally stretchy sweatpants that are durable enough for any at-home workout.


Best Value: Champion Open Bottom Jersey Pants

Champion SweatpantsFor a day of Netflix binging on the couch, you can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true pair of jersey pants from Champion, which has been making some of the softest sweats in the industry for the past century.


Best Splurge: Ron Dorff Cashmere Pants

Rondorff Sweatpants

If you’re down with a bad case of the “splendemic,” we guide you to these top-notch cashmere pants by Ron Dorff, a new French purveyor of elegant sportswear (no, that’s not an oxymoron).


Other Sweatpants We Love

Adidas Essentials 3-Stripes Tapered Cuffed Pants

Adidas sweatpants

Adidas’ sweatpants are just as iconic as their tracksuits for good reason — they’re sporty, clean, and look good on just about everyone, and this pair is no exception.


Softwear Men’s Jogger Custom Tie Dye


Tie-dye loungewear has become the de rigueur fit on social media (we’re looking at you, Justin Bieber), and these custom sweatpants from New York-based upstart Softwear will add color and swagger to your Instagram feed.


Aviator Nation Glider Stripe Sweatpants

Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation is a quintessential LA label specializing in mid-century surfwear. Case in point: these breezy, retro sweatpants look like they were plucked straight out of The Endless Summer.


Cariloha Bamboo Sleep Pants

Cariloha Bamboo Sleep Pants

Sometimes, we just need a pair of sweats to sleep in. Enter Cariloha’s bamboo pants, which are just as cozy as the brand’s super soft bed linens.


Ovadia Coze Sherpa Sweatpants

Ovadia Sherpa Sweatpants

Style gods like Jay-Z, Chris Paul, and Victor Cruz love streetwear label Ovadia for its eclectic yet tasteful take on menswear staples, and this pair of faux shearling sweatpants does just that.


8When the weather is cold or damp, one needs to stay warm and cozy. Warm wool blankets keep people warm, and Top 15 Best Wool Blankets in 2019this is possible even in extremely cold areas. There are many different styles, and quality levels of wool blankets, and the prospective purchaser needs to be aware of how to recognizes the differences. This would save a lot of time and money for the user. Before ordering a wool blanket, it is important for the buyer to get a good understanding of the best quality wool blankets and also obtain information on brands, quality, and how much the individual wool blankets tend to cater to the particular needs of the user.

Read our latest guide about the best warm blankets.

BENEFITS AND USES OF WOOL BLANKETSTop 15 Best Wool Blankets in 2019

The Best wool blankets are made out of the finest raw material.  The term wool is used for fleece that is obtained from sheep, lamb, and other animals which have a close relationship with them. The wool blankets are usually derived from such sources as cashmere, angora, alpacas, llama goats and also from vicunas. Another source of getting wool is from different species of the camel family, which are also used to make the best wool blankets.  There are a variety of animals which are used to obtain fleece from in the making of the wool blankets and these range from the alpacas to rabbits. It is important for any user who is looking for a high-quality blanket to look for those that are marked as containing natural fiber. Some other very fine wool blankets are made out of very specific animal fleece. It is, however, quite hard to look for these wool blankets in the market. Such type of wool includes Merino wool as well. These are, however, quite steeply priced as compared to other normal wool blankets.

Read our complete guide about the best weighted blankets.


The wool blankets have got a variety of different uses and benefits for the user.  They can wick away moisture from the user’s body very easily as they are made out of the breathable natural fiber. The fiber allows for air circulation through the wool blanket, and this ait flow wicks away sweat and moisture from the user and keeps the user dry and cool throughout the night. The users living in a damp environment can make very good use of this feature of best wool blankets, and thus, this type of blanket constitutes just the right choice for them. As a result of the ability of the wool blankets to wick away moisture, the wool blankets do not allow the development of bacteria on their surface, which could otherwise cause allergies to the user. Those people who suffer from allergies, however, need to be a bit careful. Some of such people might have an allergy to the wool itself. Therefore, important for people with allergies to have an allergy test done before they decide to purchase a wool blanket. This would also lead to time and money savings for the user.


The fire-resistant nature of wool blankets is a unique feature. The wool blanket is not completely fireproof. It would still burn; however; wool tends to be naturally fire-resistant. Moreover, it is an insulator and allows the body heat to

Top 15 Best Wool Blankets in 2019

stay inside the body of the user and prevents it from escaping into the cold outside. The body temperature of the user stays quite consistent throughout the time the wool blanket is used. It is this quality of the wool blanket which is

responsible for keeping the users quite warm and cozy in the winter. Some people even use the wool blankets during summer to make use of their moisture wicking characteristic, and it tends to keep the user cool in summer. For this reason, anyone looking for an all-purpose and year-round blanket would say wat to invest in a wool blanket which would be beneficial throughout the year.


The types of wool blankets are related to the type of materials used in the construction of the wool blanket as well as its quality.  People who look for the best possible wool blankets need to consider buying those that are made out of Merino wool and not just any wool in general from any lamb. Similarly, those people who would like to purchase wool blankets which are extremely comfortable and durable at the same time need to consider buying those that are made out of Ilama fleece. A lot of such wool blankets are termed as Bolivian style wool blankets. One can make good use of a quality scale to classify the wool blankets. This is used to label the different types of wool blanket.   The scale is based on the wool diameter in microns.  This is the unit of measure that s prevalent in the wool industry.  As the best quality wool blanket is usually made out of Merino wool, it is labeled in the range of 18.6 to 20 microns. A micron is a micrometer or one-millionth of a meter. For all those users who are interested in a comfortable and thick blanket are usually had their wool in between the range of 27 to 35 microns. This is termed as Medium crossbred, not Fine crossbred. If the wool blanket is heavier, it could become a bit too hot or uncomfortable. All those people who want a comfortable but a lighter blanket need to go fora wool blanket with its wool in 23 microns. A type of wool known as the ‘comeback; wool or Strong merino has its wool in the range of 21 to 26 microns. In some cases, however, the manufacturers of blankets do not label them in microns. In such cases, the prospective buyer needs to ask about the quality of the blanket from the retailer.


Top 15 Best Wool Blankets in 2019

The best wool blankets are comfortable and are made out of very fine wool such a Merino wool. They could also be made out of other types of wool which result in very comfortable but still light blankets. The heavy ones could prove to be too hot.  Similarly, the user has a lot of choices in terms of the styles of these blankets. There are quite a few styles available which include Welsh, English, Australian, Irish styles, etc. A lot of times, the best way to select a wool blanket is by trying to match the wool blanket with the need of the user.  There are wood travel blankets which feature benefits for the traveler. These are constructed as thin blankets and are easily packed for travel.  The ones that are designed to be used on beds are usually larger and have less mobility.  Among the most popular colors which are used by people, the plaid wool blankets are the most common. Normally, thicker wool is used to make wool blankets have got plain colors. For cold climates, such simple, thick, and dark blankets are used more. Ilama is a popular choice for Latin American themed blankets. Alpaca fleece is also used for such blankets. Thus, all such blankets tend to offer comfort to the users, depending on their specific needs.


Picture Name Feature Price Rating
Picture Name Feature Price Rating
1. Poyet Motte Aubisque Wool Blanket
33-Microns virgin wool $$$ 4.8
2. Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanket
Machine Washable. No bleach. Line dry $$$ 4.8
3. Kerry Woollen Mills Irish Wool Blanket

measures approximately 90” by 108”

$$$ 4.7
4. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket weight 5.5 lbs $$$ 4.6
5. Pendleton Yakima Blanket
made out of all-natural wool $$$ 4.6
6. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. Merino Wool Camp Blanket
Double stitching at the edge $$ 4.5
7. Orion Outpost Trading Co. Vestige Military Wool Blanket
80% Wool 20% Synthetic Fibers $$ 4.5
8. spencer & Whitney Bed Blanket Wool Blanket free of chemical substances $$ 4.5
9. Italian Wool Blanket from the Swiss link
best made for warmth $$$ 4.4
10. Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Throw Blanket
ideal for cold and damp nights $$$ 4.3
11. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Farmhouse Collection Thick Warm Wool Blanket
80% fine Merino wool $$ 4.2
12. Orion Outpost Trading Co. Vestige Military Wool Blanket
13. EKTOS 80% Wool Blanket
Hand or machine washable $$ 4.0
14. Swiss Army Reproduction Wool Blanket

Measures 60 in x 84 in

$$ 3.9
15. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket MACHINE WASHABLE $$ 4.0


This Wool Blanket is designed and constructed to serve as a great insulating blanket which is made out of high-Poyet Motte Aubisque Wool Blanketperformance fabric. The wool fiber is known to absorb the sweat and moisture away from the user and keeps the user cool and dry. Even, if the nights are very cold, this blanket keeps the user completely comfortable and cozy throughout the night and allows for a perfectly deep rest without any discomfort due to dampness or cold. The blanket is manufactured by a company which was established in 1839 and which is a leading manufacturer of high-quality wool blankets in Europe.


The Wool Blanket has been constructed out of 100-percent virgin wool which is of 33-Microns/500 GSM (grams per sq. m). This material is extremely durable and lasts for a very long time. This means that the wool blanket would serve the user for several years without getting spoiled. The blanket is ultra-light as it uses a unique weaving process. It is pliable and has got an anti-pilling finish.


The Wool Blanket is highly breathable, and at the same time, it possesses anti-bacterial properties. It is hypoallergenic and allows the people who have allergy issues to sleep comfortably throughout the night without getting stuffed noses or rushes on their skin. These are ideal for any person who has got sensitive skin or allergy related issues. The wool is also naturally absorbent and can absorb moisture keeping the user clean and dry. The blanket is also protected from bacterial growth as a result of the absence of moisture.


This Wool Blanket has got a double stitched satin binding which has been sewn all around the blanket on its four sides. This ad a lot of strength to the blanket and gives it a very clean and crisp edge. Strict quality guidelines are followed in its manufacture and purity of the fiber used in it is guaranteed. The customer hits the best possible product as a result.


  • The wool blanket is made out of very fine 33-Microns virgin wool which imparts high-quality to the blanket.
  • The wool blanket is highly breathable as well as hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, which encourages its use by people who have allergy related issues.
  • The wool blanket boasts a crisp edge as a result of the double stitched satin binding which is sewn all around it.


  • Some users are convinced about its anti-pilling nature.


The Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanket has been designed and constructed as a very beautiful and high-quality wool Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanketblanket. Legends have inspired it, and it boasts intricate patterns. It has got an extremely luxurious feel and is extremely soft to touch. The manufacturer is a family owned business which has been manufacturing wool blankets for over 150 years now. The company has weaving world class woolens in its Pacific Northwest Mills.


This wool blanket is made out of 100% wool. The fabric is composed of wool, cotton, silk, and other similar high-quality materials. The pattern of the wool blanket consists of plaids as well as other traditional geometric designs which can be immediately identified at a single glance. The sale of this wool blanket supports FisherHouse, American Indian College Fund, Native American Rehabilitation Association, and the National Park Foundation as it contributes to philanthropy as well.


This wool blanket is composed of natural fiber, and as such, it is highly breathable. It enables an airflow which wicks away moisture and sweat from the user and keeps the user cool and dry throughout the night. This is extremely useful in climates, which are both cold and damp. This feature also supports the use of the blanket during summer nights, whereby it can keep the user cool and dry to provide a very comfortable and undisturbed sleep.


The wool blanket boasts a weave which is 108-inch by 96-inch whipstitch with matching yarn. It is very comfortable and possesses high-quality due to using natural sources. It is very easily maintained and can be machine washed. It retains its warmth, insulation, and breathability after several washes. As such, it is very durable and last for several seasons with the user. The wool blanket is made in the United States.


  • The wool blanket is made out of 100% virgin wool and has high breathability.
  • The wool blanket is made in the united states and possesses a high-quality.
  • The wool blanket contributes to philanthropy as several organizations get contributions from its sale.


  • Some users find it shrinking a bit.


The wool blanket has been designed and constructed to keep the user very warm and cozy. This blanket is ideal for Kerry Woollen Mills Irish Wool Blanketcuddling up in the night to relax in it, and its aesthetic looks go with the decor of the room and add beauty to it. It is made available to the user in a variety of different colors so that the user can choose it according to the room decor he/she has at home. This blanket provides the ultimate comfort to the user at home.


The wool blanket is constructed out of 100% wool, and this makes it extremely warm and long-lasting. No synthetic elements are added to it, so it is not as rugged as the ones with a polyester or nylon blend but being made out of pure wool, it has all the characteristics of natural wool and can keep the user extremely warm and cozy. The blanket should not be subjected to rugged use as much as a wool cum synthetic blanket can be. The main purpose of the blanket is to provide as much warmth as possible to the user


The wool blanket can absorb moisture and as such, does not allow the growth of bacteria on its surfaces. It protects the user from mildew, bacteria, and allergens. It is good for those people who have allergy related issues, and as long as they are not allergic to wool itself, it can give them undisturbed and comfortable sleep throughout the night with no skin irritation or stuffed m=nose. It is highly breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture from the user to keep him/her dry.


This wool blanket is of very high quality. It is also durable and lasts for a very long time. It has got highly detailed edges which have been stitched to give a fine appearance. It has been crafted at the Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland. It is ideal for use at home, and it keeps the user extremely warm due to its pure wool construction. It brings to the user all the benefits of natural wool which include the ability to resist fire without the addition of fire retardants and the ability to provide warmth even in damp and very cold conditions.


  • The wool blanket is made out of pure 100% wool and brings the user al the characteristics of pure wool.
  • The wool blanket is of high-quality and keeps the user warm and cozy during very cold nights as well.
  • The wool blanket is fire-resistant due to its pure wool content and does not require the addition of fire-retardant chemicals.


  • Some people who are not used to pure wool might find it a bit scratchy.


This wool blanket is made out of both sheep and Alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is world famous for the highly luxurious Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanketfeel it gives to the user as it is extremely soft to touch. This wool has got very straight fibers. While Merino wool is the best wool as it has got very soft and fine texture, this wool is also extremely fine and has got a natural crimp which provides a lot of loft to the wool blanket The spinning, cleaning, and weaving of the wool is done at the mill where it is produced.


The wool blanket is made out of 50% Sheep Wool and 50% Alpaca wool. The climate and the terrain of the Andes mountains is the source of the Alpaca wool, as well as the sheep wool as very soft and fine specimens of these two types of wool, are obtained from these mountains. The wool is unique in terms of their finesse and the luxury they provide. The two wool types are aptly blended at the mill, and a highly luxurious blanket which is extremely warm, thick, soft and breathable is produced.


The wool blanket is made out of a blend of Alpaca and sheep wool, and these two wool types give rise to a highly breathable wool blanket which allows air circulation through the blanket which keeps the blanket cool and dry. It also wicks the sweat and moisture from the user’s body and keeps him dry and cool as well. The high breathability allows the blanket to prevent the build-up of bacteria, and as such, the user is protected from getting allergies and skin rashes, etc.


Both the sides of this high-quality natural wool blanket are brushed, which gives a very woolly and soft texture on either side. It can easily be maintained, and it is possible to dry clean it. The edges in this wool blanket have been given special protection as they have been reinforced with a binding made out of durable polyester. The edges are also double-stitched which ads to both the quality and the durability of the product.


  • The wool blanket is made out of sheep and Alpaca from the Andes mountains, which are of very high quality.
  • The sheep and Alpaca blend used in making the blanket makes it extremely soft and luxurious.
  • The wool blanket is very easily maintained as it can be dry cleaned.


  • Some users find a strong odor in the wool blanket.

The 15 Best Sweatpants For Men

When the cold weather comes calling, be it in October or in the depths of winter to come, you’ve really got two options. Gear up to face the day, throw on multiple layers and rugged boots, a cozy sweater and shirt … and get out there. If you don’t have a choice, that’s the way to go. But if you do indeed have a choice as to your next move, there’s one course of action: Throwing on cozy, stylish sweatpants for days at home or on the road — and even casual outings aplenty.

Yes indeed, the best sweatpants for men are actually closer to your favorite denim or chinos than baggy sweatpants of yore. Make no mistake, a pair of quality sweatpants combine standout style with the cozy, warm fabric you expect and need in a great pair of sweats. Yet, there’s just a little something extra about this crop of men’s sweatpants — they’ve got the added style factor that makes them a go-to option for casual-yet-polished travel (again, they’re not sloppy!) or laidback days in front of the fire.

Modern sweatpants can do a little bit of everything, and we think our picks are quite fitting for the start of winter in that regard. They’re made to be worn with casual picks aplenty, including a rugged crewneck sweater or a warm chamois overshirt atop a crisp white tee. If you feel so inclined, throw on high-top sneakers and a merino tee for the ultimate in travel-ready comfort and style, too. Rethink what you thought you knew about sweatpants, and then make sure you pick up one of these pairs quickly — winter’s coming.

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants

The Ace Sweatpants are just that — your “ace” in the hole when it comes to a go-to pair of slim, tailored and stylish men’s sweatpants. This brand knows a thing or two about gear for guys on the go, opting for versatile, city-ready silhouettes that can stand up to a commute, a gym session and a coffee run afterward. We love the soft micro-sanded French terry fabric for everyday comfort.

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Olivers Bradbury Jogger

Olivers Bradbury Jogger

Olivers is yet another brand that gets the fact that modern guys want, well, modern sensibility and style mixed with top-notch performance. For all those times when you need reliable sweats to get outdoors and knock out a training run, but want something with a bit more polish, you’ve got the Olivers Bradbury Jogger to throw on. They’re made with water-repellent fabric and four-way stretch, the perfect combination of form and function.

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Todd Snyder + Champion Classic Sweatpants

Todd Snyder + Champion Classic Sweatpants

Perhaps no brand has done more in recent years for guys looking for stylish, classic basics than Todd Snyder. In  fact, the Todd Snyder + Champion line embodies this approach perfectly, blending rugged style with gym-ready functionality — especially if your gym leans more old-school than sleek and swanky. And when you just want a pair of sweats to throw on with stylish trainers and a Todd Snyder denim jacket? These couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion.

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FourLaps Rush Jogger Pants

FourLaps Rush Jogger Pants

A recent addition to the lineup at Nordstrom, Fourlaps encourages consumers to “start before you’re ready,” and gear like the Rush Jogger Pants help to deliver on that message. The tailored fit and zip phone pocket make these as stylish as they are functional, while the cotton-poly-spandex blend is also comfortable and yet gym-ready. Add one of the brand’s moisture-wicking tees to round out your next gym ensemble.

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Faherty Brand Sweatpants

Faherty Brand Sweatpants

The right mix of classic and current is often found in seemingly every thread of Faherty Brand products — that’s just a fact. Faherty has always delivered gear that’s a cut above the rest, thanks to excellent fabric and breezy styling potential (get a look at the brand’s excellent flannel shirts and five-pocket pants, for instance). The Faherty Brand Sweatpants shown here work when you want a comfortable, cozy pair that’ll still look polished enough to step aside and hit the road for the holidays.

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Vuori Balboa Pants

Vuori Balboa Pants

With just the right blend of easygoing style, not to mention the kind of minimal look that seems to be all the rage these days, the Vuori Balboa Pants simply check all the right boxes. The use of ultra soft peached cotton, paired up with a relaxed fit, might make these the perfect sweatpants to wear all weekend long — even if your only errands involve picking up a latte and putting on a record.

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Reigning Champ Slim-Fit Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants

Reigning Champ Slim-Fit Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants

When we want athletic gear that combines modern flair with old-school construction and modern innovation, we turn toward Reigning Champ, making its gear in Canada using time-honored methods that result in nothing but the best men’s sweatpants (and sweatshirts, and crewneck) on the market. Crafted from soft loopback cotton, these sweatpants are no different when it comes to blending the old and the new in an absolutely perfect way.

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Rhone Spar Tactel Jogger

Rhone Spar Tactel Jogger

It should come as no surprise that the brand at the forefront of making modern, streamlined gear for the modern man also makes one heck of a pair of thoughtfully considered, well-constructed sweatpants — the kind of sweatpants for men that work on a long-haul flight, at the gym or on your couch (especially on your couch, seeing as they’re geared toward recovery and comfort). You can feel the difference in the Rhone Spar Tactel Jogger, made from moisture-wicking fabric that includes nylon tactel for added durability.

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Paul Smith Slim-Fit Tapered Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants

Paul Smith Slim-Fit Tapered Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants

Can sweatpants be luxurious? Can they be refined? Yes, they certainly can — that is, if they’re crafted like Paul Smith’s Slim-Fit Tapered Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants. They’re sold by Mr. Porter, a retailer that knows a thing or three about more refined matters of style, and they’re nearly as well-made as your favorite chinos or suit pants. Yes, it’s true — take the cozy cotton-jersey fabric and deep navy color, then pair these with brown leather sneakers and a white henley. Saturday style, sorted.

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J.Crew Brushed Fleece Sweatpants

J.Crew Brushed Fleece Sweatpants

J. Crew certainly has a knack for making casual style staples that toe the line perfectly between laidback and on-duty style (such as its go-anywhere chambray shirts or henleys). And the Brushed Fleece Sweatpants are a modern take on sweatpants, made to wear with stylish retro runners and a faded denim jacket for a clean, easygoing look.

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Tom Ford Cashmere-Blend Sweatpants

Tom Ford Cashmere-Blend Sweatpants

As with some of the other picks on our list, it’s surprising what can happen when you set out to track down a pair of surprisingly refined sweatpants. And in this instance, there’s perhaps no finer place to go than Tom Ford, as the Cashmere-Blend Sweatpants are every bit as essential and luxurious as the brand’s other modern, highly covetable style staples. They pair easily with a wool shirt jacket and a burgundy tee for off-duty fall and winter style that really isn’t quite so off-duty.

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Orvis Signature Sweatpants

Orvis Signature Sweatpants

Surely, you’re aware of the Orvis commitment to quality and dependability when it comes to rugged gear made for the field, to go along with exceptional basics like thermal shirting and now, a pair of signature sweatpants. If it sounds too good to be true, well, think again — the Signature Sweatpants are true to form, and every bit as well-made as you’d expect from a heritage brand. They’re practically made for chilly winter mornings at your cabin or across the holiday season — there’s no wrong way to go.

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Lacoste Fleece Sweatpants

Lacoste Fleece Sweatpants

Look in your closet — perhaps you’ve got a Lacoste polo or two for warm weather? But what about when chillier temperatures strike, what’s your go-to move in that case? Upgrade your off-duty, cold-weather style with the Lacoste Fleece Sweatpants, made from cozy cotton-blend fleece that should provide plenty of weekend-ready comfort.

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Patagonia Men's Mahnya Fleece Pants

Patagonia Men’s Mahnya Fleece Pants

When you need to brave the elements but don’t really feel like doing so (even if it’s a quick dash into town to refuel your wares at your cabin), the Mahnya Fleece Pants from Patagonia are the ideal pairing with … well, none other than a Patagonia puffer jacket. It’s reassuring when a brand can deliver reliably in so many different categories, and folks, Patagonia is definitely that brand. They can make the best men’s sweatpants as readily as they can churn out mountain-ready outerwear — we applaud that versatility.

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Adidas Stadium ID Sweatpants

Adidas Stadium ID Sweatpants

Oftentimes, the best place to get some of the best men’s sweatpants is right in front of you — in this case, an iconic brand you’ve probably worn for years. Give Adidas another try with a decidedly performance-friendly pair of slim sweatpants that deliver on and off the track. The cotton-blend fleece is soft and comfortable, while the phone-zipper pocket is about as handy as can be.

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10 Pairs of Luxurious Sweatpants That’ll Look as Good on the Street as They Feel on the Couch

Sweatpants get a bad rap, sartorially speaking. Sure, they’re nowhere near as suave as a proper pair of trousers and, at their worst, they can make an otherwise stylish guy look like an overgrown frattie. But there is a time and a place for a great pair of sweats in every man’s wardrobe. Especially now, as most of us are homebound and erring on the side of leisure, superlative loungewear is key.

Sweatpants offer a respite from tailored trousers—the yin to their yang. On the weekend, after hours, at home—there are plenty of occasions when comfort trumps polish. But just because you want to bask in the pleasures of stretch fabrics and elasticated waists doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Subtle construction tricks can lend sweats and track pants a more tailored attitude, while fine materials like merino wool and cashmere can take them to luxurious heights. From lounging on the couch to grabbing a coffee, these are ten options you can wear with confidence.

10 Best Wool Blankets

What’s better than having a good night’s sleep under a soft and comfy wool blanket? When nights turn colder, a comfortable sleeping time demands the warmest and the coziest blanket. No one can deny the importance of perfect and healthy sleeping when it comes to the well-being of a person.

Wool blankets are the best thing that you will get for the winter nights. Getting these differently designed blankets will make your bed a comfortable, aesthetically great, soft, and warm place to lay down. Here, we have a long list of all the best-made wool blankets available on the market. So, have a look at these and decide about your favorite one.

Best Wool Blankets Reviewed

Here are our recommendations for the best wool blankets reviewed to pick the perfect brand for a guaranteed warmth & high durability:

1.Pendleton National Park

When it comes to woolen blankets, Pendleton is one of the biggest stars of the American industry’s history. The company has been owned and operated for six decades by a family. At the two brilliant factories in Pacific Northwest, Pendleton does its weaving of most the pure wool textiles. Pendleton’s team works to improve beauty as well as the effectiveness of the products. Their iconic dynamic blanket patterns and the softness of our premium 100 percent pure wool garments represent their high-quality services.

When it comes to this woolen blanket’s downside, the Pendleton National Park blanket has a couple of flaws to it. You will not be able to wash this blanket if cleaning is required, as it only supports the dry cleaning method. Hence, you will have to face a bit of an inconvenience. Other than this, if you are living in an area where it is too cold, the Pendleton National Park blanket made from wool might not serve as the warmest choice for you to have but still the greatest blanket to own.

Whereas, the upside of this blanket by the famous company Pendleton is full of impeccable benefits that will make you want it for sure. First of all, the design of this blanket is decent and shows high aesthetic value as well. With the striped design, you will never feel as if this blanket is giving you old-fashioned feel. Moreover, as this product is available in several different colorways, it will be quite easy for you to choose the one that goes perfectly well with the theme of your bed cover or room. Plus, its availability in multiple sizes makes it even preferable, as this factor suits multiple users.

Moreover, the best thing that you will be pleased to know about this item is that there is no mixing in the fabric. The Pendleton National Park woolen blanket consists of a hundred percent wool that it weaved together tightly. Due to the pure and refined material, you will get unmatchable softness with this product. So, if comfort means the most to you, do not worry, as you will not have to make any compromise on this point. As far as the durability and quality are concerned, both these aspects leave an unquestionable impression on the public.

The Pendleton National Park blanket is one of the most loved products of this category. From quality to the aesthetic value and weaving, every factor is on point to give you the best experience. If you are concerned about the limitation of choices, do not worry as there are many colors available for you to choose from. You can also select between the different sizes available. The decent pattern of this blanket makes it appealing to one’s eyes. You will have to take it for dry cleaning on the downside, but its lasting nature will not fail to impress you as well.

Comes in different colorways
Various sizes available
100% Wool
Striped pattern
Soft and Comfortable
Premium quality
Stylish designs
Weaved tightly


Dry clean only


Check It Out Full Pendleton Styles Here

2.Hudson Bay 8 Point

The Hudson Bay Company has been a leading solution provider for your winter needs for many years and has a deep understanding of the market. They have a robust network with a fully committed, skilled, and devoted workforce to offer their best so that they can supply their consumers with creative and quality-orientated goods.

At the downside of the 8 point wool blanket by Hudson Bay, you will have to deal with some majorly flawed points. The very first thing that you will notice about this blanket is the hefty price tag. As there are many other alternatives available at relatively low costs, one cannot expect the buyers to invest such a heavy amount for buying a single blanket. Moreover, the poor odor that this blanket gives will make you feel irritated. Other than this, you will not be able to wash it as well. The product does not support machine wash. So, you will have to go for dry cleaning every time.

Whereas, if we take a look at the brighter end of this item, it won’t be wrong to state that it is full of appealing pros as well. You will be able to get this blanket in different designs and colors as per your choice. In this way, you will not have to worry about the blending of your product with the interior of the house. When it comes to the material of this blanket, you will love to know that it is made up of a hundred percent wool. Due to this fabric, you will be able to get the highest level of warmth under it no matter how cold the weather is.

The decent design of this product makes it attract the buyer at an instance. The feel of this blanket is quite soft, and therefore, it is bound to deliver you the utmost comfort as well. Quality is one of the main factors to consider during the purchase. When it comes to Hudson Bay Point 8, you will not get disappointment regarding this factor. As this blanket is made in such a way that it is breathable, you will not sweat under it when the nights are slightly warmer. The water-resistant nature of this product will make it even more suitable for you.

The Hudson Bay Company has never disappointed its customers, and they are continuing to impress the public with the Point 8 woolen blanket as well. The on-going list of advantages that this item holds is what makes it amazing for the buyers. The price of this blanket is quite high, but the upside justifies that factor too. You might not like the fact that it smells bad, but this odor will fade away with time. However, the soft and comfortable nature that it possesses will serve as a vital point in the future.

Different designs and colors are available
100% Wool
Decent design


Poor odor
Does not support machine wash


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3.Biddy Murphy

Biddy Murphy has been producing woolen products for its customers to know the real worth of such products. The brand has set a high goal to become the best choice amongst the competitive industry. The team at this brand is determined to fulfill this mission through devotion and passion. The brand offers many pros and a slight downside with its woolen blanket, so let’s have a look.

As far as the drawbacks of the Biddy Murphy wool blanket are concerned, there is not much that you will be able to find at the downside. However, it does hold a single but major drawback. Woolen blankets are supposed to be soft in order to grant you comfort. But, the Biddy Murphy fails to deliver this benefit. It will feel scratchy to your skin. This factor will contribute to adding to your uncomfortable experience. Many customers have reported this issue regarding this blanket.

However, at the upside, we do have a lot to talk about as well. All the advantages that this item offers result in compensating the downside that it holds. You will be able to get this blanket in multiple color choices. This point makes the users able to feel free in choosing the one that does not look odd in their room. As it features 100% Irish lamb wool, you will be able to get the top-most quality with the purchase of this blanket. The treatment of wool by the brand makes it highly special. Moreover, the warmth that this item offers to the user is unmatchable as well.

Apart from this, the fact that it is light in weight makes it even more of a perfect choice. You will not have to deal with the bulky feeling with it. As the makers have tightly weaved it, it becomes denser enough to protect you from the cold weather. The perfect sizing of this blanket makes it perfect for your use on both queen and king-sized beds. As this product is breathable in nature, you will not sweat even if the nights are too cold.

All in all, this blanket by Biddy Murphy is a popular choice when it comes to warmth, quality, and longevity. With top-quality fabric and high breathability, you will get all the advantages in this single item. But, it is also important to remember that this blanket may feel scratchy to your skin as well. However, the price point is not too high, and the fact that it is light in weight will also make it amazing for you. The tightly weaved construction of this blanket makes it stand against cold nights firmly.

Multiple colored choices are available
100% Irish lamb wool
Tightly weaved
Light in weight
Perfect size




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4.Poyet Motte Aubisque

Poyet Motte is yet another well-known name in the industry. The brand has a firm mission to provide its customers with the best winter solutions. They are continuing to achieve this goal through their vast line-up of warm products. Every product by this brand portrays its mission. Here is all that you want to know about the Poyet Motte Aubisque.

On the downside of the Poyet Motte Aubisque wool blanket, there are a couple of drawbacks that one has to face. One thing that will irritate you about this item is that it feels itchy on one’s skin. Due to this factor, you will have to make a compromise on the comfort that you want to have with your blanket. Other than this, another major issue that you will have to deal with the purchase of this product is that it sheds fabric. The binding is not successful in preventing this problem, as well.

While on the opposite end, the Poyet Motte Aubisque woolen blanket also has a broad brighter side to it as well. The breathable nature of this blanket makes it a perfect choice for weather that is too cold as well the one that is mildly cold. Having this on you will prevent you from sweating. The patented weaving process that it goes through results in making it dense enough to withstand the low temperature. The makers have used 100 percent virgin wool in the making of this blanket, and this factor acts as the main reason behind it being warm and cozy for you.

Moreover, the best part about this item is that unlike many other options available, you will be able to machine wash this product for cleaning purposes. So, you will not have to take it for dry cleaning every now and then. Furthermore, the double-stitched satin binding at the boarders of this blanket presents a clean and tidy look. As this product comes in different sizes, multiple buyers can choose as per their needs. The different colors that are available in this ensemble make it even better, as you can choose the one that blends in well with the color scheme of your room.

In a nutshell, the Poyet Motte Aubisque blanket of wool can work as a great choice if warmth is all you need. The disappointing thing about it is that it sheds fabric everywhere. Moreover, you might also feel itchy on your skin. However, the breathability, in combination with the top-notch quality, is what makes this product best for you to use. It will not disappoint you regarding its lasting nature as well. The fact that you can wash it with the machine makes the use much easier for you.

You can get this in different colors
Different sizes are available
100 percent virgin wool
Double-stitched satin binding
Machine washable


Shedding problem


Check It Out On Amazon

5.Desert Breeze

The main goal at Desert Breeze Distributing is to offer the greatest available customer support and a trust-able and safe shopping experience to anyone who chooses to purchase the finest quality natural goods at the best price. The firm ranks among some of the most respected and prestigious labels in the world. They have over 30 years of experience with manufacturing products, construction techniques, in addition to embracing new design and quality workmanship.

No doubt that the Desert Breeze has gained much love and appreciation from the buyers’ end, it also brings a major flaw with it on the downside. After purchasing this blanket, the first thing that you will notice after opening it that it gives out a poor smell. As it is made from virgin wool, there is this typical smell coming from it. This factor might make the blanket irritable for you. The smell will fade away with time, but it does not mean that this fading process is too quick. Other than this, the Desert Breeze does not bring any other disadvantage.

On the other hand, this product brings much to the table with the upside as well. You will be hooked to the level of comfort that this item offers. The 100% virgin wool used in the making of this product is the main highlight of it. With this material, you will get the ultimate warmth no matter how cold the nights are. The consistency of 50% Alpaca and 50% Merino wool is what makes this a treat for you to have. The multiple color choices available in this ensemble will allow you to freely choose the one you like so that your blanket does not present an odd look in your room.

Other than this, the polyester binding of this blanket makes it great and prevents the shedding of fabric. In this way, the longevity of the product increases too. The binding of this wool blanket makes with double stitching so that it can stand against the wear and tear over the course of time. The soft and comfortable feel that you will get with this product is remarkable and has no other match. As you can wash this blanket easily for cleaning purposes, you won’t have to dry clean it every time. On top of this, the breathable nature of this blanket makes it even perfect for you.

The Desert Breeze Distributing has been successful in producing a premium quality blanket that will give you warmth and coziness during the winter season. The soft texture of this blanket is what makes it a favorite of many people. The foul smell that it gives out may irritate you, but you can eradicate it as you can wash the blanket to clean. Hence, investing in this item will prove as a great decision as this product will go a long way to serve you the ultimate warmth.

Multiple sizes are available
100% virgin wool
50% Alpaca and 50% Merino Wool
Polyester binding
Soft and comfortable


Gives poor smell


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9 Great Wool Blankets to Keep You Warm This Winter

Let’s not mince words — wool is the king of cold-weather textiles. It’s very basic, the product of shearing an animal, cleaning the coat, carding it into slivers and spinning it into yarn. But wool is high-tech, too: the cuticle of wool fiber is hydrophobic, meaning it dispels water quickly, and because those same fibers aren’t straight, you end up with air pockets that trap heat. Wool even wicks moisture and prevents the kind of bacteria build-up that usually leads to odors.

These attributes make wool the perfect material for blankets and throws. Get one to drape over the arm of your favorite chair, or simply keep it in the trunk of your car to safeguard against emergencies. Nine winter-ready options below.

Avoca Donegal Wool Cobble Throw


These days, Avoca sells ceramics, cookbooks and clothes but it’s bread and butter will always be blankets, which it’s sold since the 1700s. This Donegal new wool throw is woven with three different colors of yarn and comes in two sizes. It’s also affordable, as far as 100 percent wool blankets go.

Buy Now: $99+

Perf Herringbone Wool Blanket


This Herringbone weave new wool blanket is woven by hand in the homes of Mexican artisans who receive fair wages for their work. In the incredibly competitive and expensive world of textile manufacturing, that alone makes these blankets special. But Perf also guarantees a percentage of sales from every one of its blue ink blankets goes to Habitat for Humanity. It doesn’t hurt that they look great, too.

Buy Now: $144

Woolrich Logan Ridge Sherpa Blanket


Woolrich may have closed its last US plant in 2018 but it remains one of America’s most storied makers. The Logan Ridge sherpa blanket is sherpa (polyester) on one side and wool on the other, while this ombre stripe pattern is an homage to the Woolrich archive. Toss it over your shoulders around a campfire.

Buy Now: $185

Pendleton Harding Jacquard Blanket


Thomas Kay founded Pendleton, but it was his grandsons who infused the legendary company with Native American influence. Its Jacquard loomed new wool blankets are among its most popular designs ever, and it’s pretty easy to see why: they’re gorgeous.

Buy Now: $269

Best Made Co. Lumberlander Blanket


Best Made’s Lumberlander blanket is designed in its NYC-based offices, but it’s made at the legendary Pendleton Woolen Mills. Instead of riffing on Pendleton’s iconic Native American-inspired prints, however, Best Made took a more minimal approach. The wool-cotton blend blanket comes in two striped colorways, both finished with a whipstitched top and bottom layer and selvage sides.

Buy Now: $198

Coyuchi Striped Blanket


This striped wool blanket is one of Coyuchi’s most popular products ever. Made in a 140-year-old Canadian mill from the dense wool of Canadian sheep, it follows the same rigorous standards the company holds for its popular cotton bedding, meaning it’s GOTS-, Fair Trade- and Fibershed-certified.

Buy Now: $198+

Faribault Woolen Co. Scout Blanket


In operation since 1865, Faribault is one of the biggest names in American wool. The Scout blanket is a 100 percent wool reproduction of a Civil War-era blanket, and this one comes with a bit of added Gear Patrol flair. Dry clean only, please.

Buy Now: $250

Schoolhouse Shaniko Throw


Brian Faherty’s Schoolhouse used to sell old light fixtures through a mail-order catalog. Now it’s a robust outlet, specializing in vintage-inspired homewares. The yellow and white Shaniko throw blanket is made in collaboration with Imperial Stock Ranch, a century-and-a-half-old ranch rolling out some of the best textiles the country has to offer. (Name sound familiar? Imperial Stock Ranch worked with Ralph Lauren on the uniforms for the 2014 US Olympic Team in Sochi, Russia).

Buy Now: $259

Restoration Hardware Fine Merino Blanket


Restoration Hardware’s blanket disproves wool’s scratchy reputation — two layers of extra-soft virgin merino wool make for the softest option on this list. It’s reversible and comes in two muted colors for easy matching.

Buy Now: $449


Mid-century modern, contemporary and plenty of the classics, this list is your personal lookbook to the most important piece of furniture that’s not your bed.

The Warmest Wool Blankets For The Bed (Qiviut, Camel, Bison and Cashmere)

Wool is the warmest blanket material, especially wool from animals who live in cold terrains (see comparison of wool types in my previous article).

Wool is a natural material that includes a crimp, which helps to hold in more heat than a material with an open weave. It also provides natural insulation.

They way in which a fabric holds moisture is also important. Natural fibers like wool, silk and cotton will all absorb water, whereas synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon do not.

Absorbent fabrics will tend to keep you quite comfortable, wicking moisture away from the skin and leaving a layer of warm, dry air.

Please Note

I cover bed-sized blanket here. I have other article were I cover the warmest comforters and the warmest throw blankets.

These are the warmest blankets available on the market:

Qiviut Blankets

  • 100% Qiviut Throw Blanket by MountainMasche — $1168
  • 100% Qiviut Blankets by Cottage Craft Angora Mill — $850 to $3000
  • 100% Qiviut Filled Duvets by AbsoluteMuskOx — $950 to $1150

Camel Wool Blankets

  • Camel Wool Blanket by Gobi — 100% Camel Wool — good quality and nice soft felt — $250
  • The Ispahan Blanket by Brun De Vian-Tiran — 100% camel wool, 530 g/m², king size (240cm by 260 cm), $1665
  • The Khokan Blanket by Brun De Vian-Tiran — 100% camel wool, 390 g/m², king size (240 cm by 260 cm), $864
  • The Soliman Blanket by Brun De Vian-Tiran — 100% camel wool, 480 g/m², king size (240 cm by 260 cm),  $902
  • 100% Baby Camel Hair Blanket by CashmereWool It –400 g/m² — King Size — 108″ x 88″ — $562

Bison Wool Blankets

  • Bison Down Blanket: 90% bison wool, 10% acrylic, 95″ by 115″, $3500

Cashmere Blankets

  • 100% Cashmere Wool Blanket by CashmereWool It — 400 g/m² — King Size — 108″ x 88″ — $890
  • 100% Cashmere Bed Sofa Throw Blanket by Love Cashmere — 81″ by 62″ (160cm by 208cm) — 4 ply Loro Piana Cashmere — $495

Alpaca Wool Blankets

  • The Alpaca Toison Blanket By Bruin De Vian-Tiran: 100% alpaca wool, 1000 g/m², king size (240 cm by 260 cm), $1339
  • 52% Alpaca Wool Blanket by Alpaca Warehouse — 52% alpaca, 33% wool, 15% cotton, made in Peru — this blanket is thick but the fiber is fairly coarse (use as top blanket only) – $174

Llama Wool Blankets

  • The Baby Lama 85 Blanket By Brun De Vian-Tiran: 85% baby lama,15% merino (warp yarn), 500 g/m², king size (240 cm by 260 cm), $1,245.

Merino Wool Blankets

  • 55% Merino Wool 25% Baby Camel 20% Cashmere Blanket by Cashmerewool It — 400 g/m² — King Size — 108″ x 88″ — $535.

The 10 Best Wool Blankets for Winter

Winter can be harsh. Like, really, really harsh. An army of pillows and a cup of hot chocolate every hour won’t be enough to keep you warm while you struggle to catch up with all the movies and television shows you missed. You need something more, something that can make your winter downtime as comfortable as relaxing on the beach during summer.

No, we’re not talking about alcohol, although that might make your winter more interesting, depending on who you’re spending your time with. We’re talking about the best wool blankets for winter. These are the types of blankets that can make you actually look forward to chilly nights. Forget about down or cotton blankets. When it comes to providing warmth, wool blankets are one of the best in the world.

Wool blankets are made of wool sourced from animals that are a lot better at surviving harsh winters than humans, and that includes sheep, alpacas, and yaks. Some wool blankets are crafted with a mix of wool and other materials. A wool blanket made of 100 percent wool provides the most warmth while a wool blanket made with a mix of wool and synthetic materials – like nylon and polyester – offer a bit more durability.

There are hundreds of wool blankets on the market, ranging from cheap blankets only made of 50 percent wool to blankets made of 100 percent Peruvian alpaca wool. It’ll take you days just to narrow down your choices to 20 or 30. To make the shopping experience a lot easier for you, we’ve created a list composed of the best products currently available on the market.

Wool blankets are more expensive than most other types of blankets. In general, the higher the percentage of wool used and the more luxurious the material, the heftier the price tag. All of the products included here are made of at least 80 percent wool, so don’t expect to see any cheap $20 wool blankets here.

Faribault Pure & Simple Wool BlanketFaribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket

Based in Minnesota, the Faribault Woolen Mill Company is one of the most trusted and well-known manufacturers of wool blankets. Originally a family-owned business, the company has been producing top-class woolen products for decades.Faribault offers a wide selection of wool blankets, with the Pure & Simple Wool Blanket being one of the longest-running product lines. Introduced in the ‘50s, this blanket is exactly what its name implies. It’s made of 100 percent virgin wool (the “pure” part) and comes in a solid color (the “simple” part). Made in the US, the Pure & Simple Wool Blanket is available in different sizes and colors.


John Hanly Plaid Wool ThrowJohn Hanly Plaid Wool Throw

Established in 1893, John Hanly & Company is an Ireland-based manufacturer specializing in fabrics made of wool and other natural fibers. Crafted out of 100 percent wool, the John Hanly Plaid Wool Throw is a cozy and durable blanket that will look good on the bed and on the couch.Whether you live in Ireland or in Maine, this warm blanket makes for an excellent companion during winter, especially when curled up on the couch while playing video games or watching Netflix shows. The John Hanly Plaid Wool Throw has a simple but attractive design with fringed edges and comes in different colors.


Woolrich Cavalry BlanketWoolrich Cavalry Blanket

Founded in 1830, Woolrich, Inc. is one of the oldest clothing companies in the US. From sweaters and pajamas to socks and coats, the Pennsylvania-based company offers an extensive collection of products, and that includes wool blankets for winter.A part of the US Heritage Collection, the Woolrich Cavalry Blanket is a navy-colored wool blanket with selvage edges and overseamed ends. Along with the Gettysburg Blanket, the Artillery Blanket, and the Fort Sumter Blanket, the Cavalry Blanket is a recreation of the original blankets that Woolrich provided to troops during the American Civil War. It’s made of 85 percent wool and 15 percent nylon.


Faribault Foot Soldier Military Wool Blanket – Army MedicFaribault Foot Soldier Military Wool Blanket – Army Medic

Like the Woolrich Cavalry Blanket, the [inhales] Faribault Foot Soldier Military Wool Blanket [exhales] is a product based on blankets supplied to US troops in the past. Based on its history, you can trust this wool blanket to keep you warm and comfortable even during the chilliest of nights.A recreation of the original blankets created for the US Army Medical Corps, this cozy blanket is made of 100 percent wool and is made in the US. It’s durable and can be machine-washed. As with other wool blankets based on blankets made for military use, you can never go wrong with this Army Medic-themed Foot Soldier Blanket.


Pendleton Yakima Camp BlanketPendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Pendleton Woolen Mills is another American textile manufacturing company with a long history of producing top-class wool blankets and other woolen products. With its extensive lineup of blankets and throws, from simple plaid blankets to Native American-inspired blankets, Pendleton is one of the first brands you should check out when shopping for the best wool blankets for winter.Crafted with 86 percent wool and 14 percent cotton, the Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket is a popular wool blanket among campers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s based on blankets early shepherds used to survive harsh weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest. The Yakima Camp Blanket comes in several sizes, with multiple color options.


Pendleton Yellowstone National Park BlanketPendleton Yellowstone National Park Blanket

The Yellowstone National Park Blanket is a part of Pendleton’s National Park Collection, a series of blankets based on America’s national parks, hence the product line’s name. The collection includes more than 10 different blankets, including the Grand Canyon National Park Blanket, the Crater Lake National Park Blanket, and the Yosemite National Park Blanket.Each blanket in the product line incorporates patterns and colors associated with the national park it is named after. And with each purchase of a National Park blanket, the National Park Foundation receives a cut, so don’t hesitate to buy a complete set for your family.

A wool blanket made of 100 percent virgin wool, the marigold-colored Yellowstone National Park Blanket is a large and cozy blanket designed to keep you warm when winter descends in full force. It’s easy to clean and is extremely durable, which makes it a reliable all-around blanket for camping, curling up on the couch, and traveling.


Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool BlanketPendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanket

So far, all the products mentioned on this list have been limited when it comes to design and color options, not counting the Pendleton Yellowstone National Park Blanket. The Eco-Wise Wool Blanket, also from Pendleton, breaks that trend.Crafted with 100 percent virgin wool, the Eco-Wise Wool Blanket comes in both solid and plaid, with each variant offering at least 10 color options. That’s at least 20 color options, according to our brain calculator. In the Eco-Wise Wool Blanket, you get a durable and supremely comfortable blanket made with naturally renewable wool. It’s machine-washable and is made in the US.


Lake Superior Woolen Company Woolen BlanketLake Superior Woolen Company Woolen Blanket

Composed of a group of small family farms, Lake Superior Woolen Company is a Michigan-based outfit who produces blankets made of wool sourced from its own flock of sheep. That means the company gets its most important material from homegrown resources, so to speak. The American company raises its sheep in Northern Michigan.Lake Superior Woolen Company offers blankets of different sizes, including a lap size blanket and a queen size blanket. All products have multiple color options, similar to the Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blanket, giving you the chance to pick up a wool blanket that matches well with your personality or your home furniture. Crafted with 100 percent virgin wool, Lake Superior Woolen Company blankets are extremely durable and offer excellent warmth, making them perfect for winter.


Johnstons of Elgin Loch Oire Double Face Check Lambswool ThrowJohnstons of Elgin Loch Oire Double Face Check Lambswool Throw

Johnstons of Elgin is a privately owned company based in Scotland. Founded in 1797, the company has over two centuries of experience in the business, which is the only assurance you need about the quality of its products. Most of the wool blankets it offers are on the expensive side, though, with some products selling for over $1,000.The [inhales deeply] Johnstons of Elgin Loch Oire Double Face Check Lambswool Throw [faints] is one of the more affordable products in the catalog. It’s a luxurious wool blanket with understated colors and fringed edges. A part of the company’s Heritage Collection, this blanket is made of 100 percent lambswool and is woven in Elgin, Scotland.


Fells Andes Sill ThrowFells Andes Sill Throw

Out of all the products listed here in our guide to the best wool blankets for winter, the Fells Andes Sill Throw is definitely the most luxurious. So, naturally, it checks in as the most expensive of the bunch. In the Sill Throw, the California-based company has created a blanket designed to provide unparalleled comfort during wintertime.Crafted with 100 percent Peruvian baby alpaca wool, which is one of the most luxurious materials on earth, the Sill Throw not only keeps you warm, it also makes you feel like royalty every time you have it draped over your mortal body. It’s ridiculously soft and lightweight and is easy to clean.