The Best Sweatpants for Men on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

The Best Sweatpants for Men on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Sep 15, 2020 by Anubhav Kumar

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of men’s clothing  before — including the best men’s parkas, the best men’s sweaters, and the best men’s crewneck sweatshirts — here, we’ve rounded up the best sweatpants for men, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated sweatpants for men

adidas Men's Tiro '17 Pants
adidas Men’s Tiro ‘17 Pants

“These are off-the-hook awesome,” raves one reviewer, who had “been looking for some slim-fitting, technical athletic pants a bit more stylish than your basic sweats.” The Tiro pants, he notes, are “light, airy, and have a sleek look.” Many others express how much they love the style of the pants. As one reviewer puts it: “The taper of the pants is unique, they are loose-fitting around the thigh, taper at the knee, and are slim from the knee down. They almost resemble jodhpurs.” Dozens of reviewers think the style makes them perfect for workouts. “Feel great, fit great, and the pocket zips are amazing for anyone who runs or works out. Keeps my phone from falling out while I run, which frees me up from carrying it in my hand,” comments one impressed buyer. But another mentions that they can be used for just about anything: “You definitely can’t go wrong with these if you are wanting them for lounging around, running errands, working out, or really anything else.” One mom even approves of her son wearing them to school: “My son is totally into cool sweatpants for school and pretty much every waking moment of his teenage life. These are comfortable, wash easily in the washer and dry easily in the dryer.”


Best-rated (less expensive) sweatpants for men

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant with Pockets
Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant with Pockets

From $9

Men appreciate the simplicity, durability, and comfortable fit of these sweats. One customer describes them as “a good, basic low-priced sweat pant,” adding they have a “good fit, soft interior, and a waistband that holds but is not constricting.” Other readers mention the comfortable elastic; one writes: “They’re lightweight and warm, soft on the inside, and not restricting on the leg cuffs. They fit well, and are comfy.” Some complain that they are a bit too lightweight, but on the whole reviewers seem to consider that a pro. One writes, “Yes, the fabric is much thinner than on your average sweats. But for me, that is excellent, as I run hot by nature.” And despite the low price point, a bevy of reviews speaking to their durability make it clear they hold up well. “I’ve washed them a few times already,” writes one. “They didn’t fall apart and did not shrink.”


And now for some micro-picks for every type of sweatpants for men you might be looking for.

Best elastic-bottom sweatpants for men

Fruit of the Loom Men's Elastic Bottom Sweatpant
Fruit of the Loom Men’s Elastic Bottom Sweatpant

From $17

“These sweatpants are all that and a bag of chips,” says one pleased shopper. “Super comfortable, and come with side pockets, and a drawstring.” Many more rave about the aforementioned features (and others, like the fact that they have extremely deep pockets), but the elastic bottom was the hallmark characteristic. “I’d looked all over town for sweats with elastic on the bottom (don’t care for cold air going up my legs). Finally resorted to the Internet. These are a good price and good quality,” writes one. Another reviewer loves them so much that they are the only sweatpants “they will ever buy from now on: They fit right (no plumber’s crack like Champions), they last, they’re well made, have deep enough pockets, and are affordable. The elastic at the bottom means that it’s not a problem if they’re a bit too long.”


Best pocketed sweatpants for men

ProGo Men's Casual Jogger Sweatpants Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant Elastic Waist
ProGo Men’s Casual Jogger Sweatpants Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant Elastic Waist

From $20

The pockets on these jogger-style sweatpants seemed to take them to a new level for customers. “I love the depth of the pockets and I really appreciate the [addition of] a back pocket,” notes this reviewer, who is historically “pretty picky about sweatpants.” Another customer bought these for her husband, who she notes is “difficult to fit.” “Wow,” she writes. “White, slim-fit jogging pants with elastic and drawstring at the waist, two side pockets, a back pocket, and are actually long enough for my husband who is tall and very slender? Do you know how hard that is to find? Totally impressed.” A third reviewer loves the pockets (“They’re even deeper than normal — my phone doesn’t fall out when I sit down”) but also just appreciates how comfortable they are. “These are honestly the comfiest sweatpants I’ve ever worn,” the reviewer writes. “They’re so soft I never want to take them off.”


Best comfortable sweatpants for men

Southpole Men's Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant
Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant

From $16

One-quarter of all five-star reviewers call these jogger-style sweatpants “comfortable,” including one reviewer who notes, “The sweats are very comfortable, and the only thing stopping me wearing them is having to wash them.” Another customer admits to never taking them off: “My wife actually hates these because I won’t take them off. They’re comfortable, super-cheap, and look much better than most sweatpants.” A third wears these as an alternative to regular pants: “I wear scrubs at work I can’t bear the thought of putting on regular pants unless I have to. Yes, it’s shameful. But doesn’t comfort count? I bought these on a whim, they are so cozy. And they look way better than pajama pants.”


Best loose-fitting sweatpants for men

Amazon Essentials Men's Fleece Sweatpants
Amazon Essentials Men’s Fleece Sweatpants


“I looked around quite a bit for just the right sweats. Problem? So many sweats are slim fit and have a tight elastic around the ankles,” laments one reviewer. The reviewer continues: “I need my sweats to be loose, comfy, super soft, and with an open bottom. For that, these guys are fantastic.” Many more reviewers celebrate these for their loose fit and open ankle, including one who describes them as having “a loose-comfortable fit, as well as deep pockets to carry around a cellphone, keys, or whatever.” “I like that there’s no elastic on the ankle,” writes a third, who also feels that “it makes them seem a bit classier than my other sweatpants.”


Best drawstring sweatpants for men

Champion Men's Powerblend Open Bottom Fleece Pant
Champion Men’s Powerblend Open Bottom Fleece Pant

From $19

The drawstring in the waistband of these pants appealed to buyers looking for an adjustable fit. One woman bought these for her husband, saying these are “just what my husband wanted. Having a drawstring is important to him because without it, the pants come down when he puts something heavy in his pocket. With the drawstring, he can ensure that the waist stays put.” Another is “confident these pants will last for quite a while” and notes, “Perfect fit, super-soft and warm, and still soft after three washes so far. Drawstring is holding up just fine.” A third reviewer admits they “run a little large and they are rather long, but they fit well at the waist and the drawstring is there if needed to adjust the fit.”


Best jogger-style sweatpants for men

Champion Men's Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant
Champion Men’s Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

From $18

“Perfect and I mean PERFECT-fitting jogger. Couldn’t ask for a better fit,” raves one reviewer, adding. “Plus champion is making a come back. This is how sweats should fit; gone are the days of massively baggy sweats.” Many others, who’d been looking for slimmer, jogger-style sweatpants that are still comfortable, were deeply satisfied with their purchase. “These are ridiculously comfortable,” writes one. “They don’t have that weird baggy butt that some joggers do, they actually fit great,” notes another. “Putting on normal pants is tough after wearing these for a while.”


Best workout sweatpants for men

adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro '19 Training Pants
adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro ‘19 Training Pants


Reviewers actually exercise in these sweatpants; they’re not just for lounging. “I do a variety of workout styles, from running to weights to CrossFit, and these felt great during each one,” comments one athletic customer. Another, who is “so tempted to buy three more pairs,” appreciates that these make him feel comfortable while exercising, explaining, “They hug the ankles, which I love when I’m running or doing core workouts — the pant legs don’t run up my leg. The pockets are zippered so you can keep your phone or keys in your pocket without them falling out when you’re doing vigorous activity.” One more thinks the tapered fit is “very flattering,” and the fit “encourages movement and flexibility. The mesh panels aren’t noticeable until you run, you’re moving and feel a pleasant draft.” Many find that these are truly multipurpose. As this reviewer puts it, “Wear them chilling, working out, and lounging in the house. Awesome.”


Best sleep sweatpants for men

Fruit of the Loom Men's Extended Sizes Jersey Knit Sleep Pant
Fruit of the Loom Men’s Extended Sizes Jersey Knit Sleep Pant

From $10

“Great sleep pants or for kicking around the house on a Sunday morning,” writes one reviewer, who describes these as having a “nice lightweight fabric.” Another content customer adds, “I have to say that they are the best lounging/sleeping pants I own now. I just ordered two more. I am retired, and wear my pajama pants and a T-shirt around the house all day when I know nobody is going to visit or see me. These pajama pants are perfect. Though they are not silk, they make me feel like Hugh Hefner.” Many others note their comfiness. “Comfy af! I wanna live in these things” exclaims one. A few admitted they usually dislike pockets on sleeping pants but conceded that the ones on these are particularly noninvasive. One wrote: “Some sleepwear with pockets can feel annoying when sleeping on your side, but not these. I keep forgetting these even have pockets.”


Best warm sweatpants for men

Amazon Essentials Men's Closed Bottom Fleece Pant
Amazon Essentials Men’s Closed Bottom Fleece Pant


Many reviewers commend Amazon for making lightweight, yet still very warm and cozy sweatpants. One customer purchased these to replace “a pair I loved for 30 years,” noting, “These are lightweight but warm, comfortable, and have just the right amount of elastic in waist. They make me happy and comfortable.” Many others dwell on how warm they are, including one “big sweats guy” who notes, “These are perfect. They are well priced and fit well. They are soft and warm. I bought several more pairs and love them all.” One other thinks “these are a really nice weight and as soft and comfortable as can be,” adding, “The drawstring and waist band are fully enclosed with nothing exposed to chafe or snag while getting them on or off. The closed cuff at the bottom is not too tight and the elastic has plenty of give to it but feels firm.” Another reviewer thinks these might be the best-ever sweatpants out there at this price, remarking, “I tend to live in sweatpants unless there is a reason to put on the other kind. I’ve been wearing these AmazonBasics for a few weeks and have washed them several times with no pilling. There is a drawstring closure, and of course, an elastic around the waistband, so the actual fit can accommodate a range of waists. Just ordered two more pairs of these.”


Best big and tall sweatpants for men

KingSize Men's Big & Tall Fleece Cargo Sweatpants
KingSize Men’s Big & Tall Fleece Cargo Sweatpants

From $30

Many commenters seem to appreciate the style and fit of these sweatpants, which are meant for big and tall bodies. One reviewer comments, “These are really high quality and fit great. You can tell they are made by people who know big and tall bodies. The best part is that the inseam is perfect. Most stores just increase the length and waste with each size increase. Not these guys. Just because you’re wider doesn’t mean you are super tall. These understand that.” Another reviewer purchased these for her boyfriend, who’s six-foot-four and “a really large guy,” noting, “He finds these to be a good fit and very comfortable.” Another self-described “big and tall guy” appreciates that “KingSize products actually fit true to size.”


Best multi-purpose sweatpants for men

Under Armour Men's Rival Cotton Pants
Under Armour Men’s Rival Cotton Pants

From $31

One reviewer calls these the “best sweatpants I’ve owned. They have an intermediate weight, and are good for lounging and being outdoors. Plus deep pockets good for holding phone, keys, wallet. If you’re wondering if you should purchase these as your go-to sweats, just do it.” Another uses them for the gym and appreciates their comfortable fit. “You can wear them over your workout clothes, and you can workout in them,” they write. A third generally uses them to lounge about and raves about their unusually soft, super-comfortable material, commenting, “These have a nice T-shirt material, instead of the moisture-wicking kind that hair tends to stick to. Looking to buy another pair.” One customer says they’re all-around excellent sweatpants and are particularly useful in chilly weather. “I like walking my dog in these,” the customer says. “They’re excellent in cold weather, fit great, are very comfortable, and the material is super soft.” The consensus could be summed up by this review, wherein another customer says: “Man, these are just really nice to wear around the house or at the gym.”


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